the money from paypal finally transferred into my bank account, so noooow I am going to hobby lobby today to get supplies and make some crest canvases! Probably going to do it at megan’s house, since we’re going to hang out today! Super excited. :)

Starting an etsy store.

It will be up as soon as I have a little money to list the items. :) 

I’m working on one of the things to go in the store right now!

Hopefully this takes off. :)

watching disney and crafting away

this is my life. 

Summer, then Fall.

Let’s skip to summer so I can spend time with Thomas, work, and get a car. Then let’s get to fall so I can live at the Retreat with 3 of my sisters and decorate our house with anchors and bronze, pink & blue. 

…but seriously, I want to get to recruitment for next fall so I can get a little finally <3 Can’t wait to spoil my own little rotten! My big and I are such a perfect match, and she’s graduating this semester </3 Delta Gamma is such a wonderful experience and sisterhood, I can’t wait to share it with my little. <33333