So all summer I have been trying (and failing) to get a job. 

Every time they tell me that they can’t hire me because the buses here are not reliable, and I don’t have a car. 

WELL ALL THAT’S ABOUT TO CHANGE BECAUSE MY PARENTS ARE LOOKING INTO BUYING ME A CAR f yeaaaahhhh! Of course it will be cheap, just something that runs and has air conditioning hahaha, but IT WILL BE A CAR AND IT WILL BE THE FIRST THING TO GO RIGHT IN MONTHS.

When I get it, it means I can get a job. No problem. A load of places are hiring in San Marcos. Plus, maybe I can work somewhere I’ll like. Like Vera Bradley. or Creeds and Crests. or Bath and Body Works. I DON’T EVEN CARE

When I get a job, I will have money. When I have money, I can pay for DG. So I will not have to drop. And I will be able to go home for random weekends without having to find someone else that’s going to catch a ride with. And I will be able to run errands and go grocery shopping without having to beg other people to take me. And my life will stop being an endless job hunt with no results and start being normal! I can work and go to school and go to DG events and pay for my own groceries and even buy myself clothes once in a while! And I can pay for a weight watchers membership and lose weight! 

Everything is looking up. :)

It’s my BIRTHDAY! :)

I woke up today like:

Today I am 19. :)

So excited, even if I’m the only one home…and my birthday has never been in the summer until college! YEAH. Plus I like getting all the Facebook notifications from people telling me happy birthday. :)))