I want to shirt swap with everyone. You can never have too many DG shirts!

So here’s my idea. I’m going to make a Facebook group. I saw one that a bunch of DZ’s made, and thought it was a really cool idea. You just join the group, and then post a picture of the shirt/shirts you want to swap, with the size they are! Then other DG’s can comment on it if they want to swap with you and send you pictures of shirts they have. 

You can invite sisters from your chapter and stuff too, so that the group will grow!

I just think it’d be really cool to do and also a good way to make friends with sisters you probably wouldn’t meet otherwise! :) 

Reblog this if you are interested in doing this, and if I see that enough of you want to do it I’ll make the group! :)

UPDATE: Group has been made and it’s really popular! If you haven’t already, go join!