We got our babies!

Thank GOD recruitment is finally over. Time to sleep for daaaayyyss. 

But really, we got some AWESOME new DGs. 65 of them :) Can’t wait for them to experience Delta Gamma! It’s the best choice I ever made <3



Tooooo funny!

I saw some new Texas State freshmen talking on Facebook about the Delta Tau Delta foam party that’s going on tonight. Of course with work week I’m so freaking exhausted I decided not to go, so that tomorrow I won’t die of exhaustion. 

So DTD is also called “Delt”…

..except they were calling it the “Delta” foam party, hahaha. 

I laughed so much. Oh freshman :)

I’m putting together a list of things to include in a “recruitment survival kit” for when I’m recruiting girls to my sorority this fall. Any suggestions for things to include?

Today was full of adventure

I went home this weekend for my little brother’s 16th birthday, so today I left to go back to Texas State. So I caught a ride with a girl who used to live in my hall and her older sister. Well, it’s a 3 hour drive from Houston, so we were all settled in to be on the road for a while. Exactly halfway there, Annette (the one driving) realizes that the engine temperature needle is all the way on H. SO THE ENGINE OVERHEATED. Then we got out, cooled it down some, drove about 50 feet, and IT OVERHEATED AGAIN. By then we’d been stuck for an hour, so Annette & I decided to walk two miles down the road to the Shell station we saw in the distance. Haleigh stayed with the car. Sooooooo walking took like 40 minutes, and Haleigh got the car to start and drove it to the shell station. So we then proceeded to get Subway and sit in the gas station to charge our phones while their parents came to try to fix the car. Not fixable tonight. One of the little pulleys on the engine belt CAME OFF. We were like oh, we could just put it back on. NOPE. Some metal piece inside near the ball bearings shredded completely and blocked the ball bearing’s path. So we are now staying at the Days Inn in a tiny little town with like 0 population. In the morning their dad is going to the Ford dealership to get a new pulley thing and then we’ll be on the road by like 10. 

It was an adventure, but we made the most of it :) Good thing we were going back to school, we all have toiletries and clean clothes and pajamas and such. We hooked up the DVD player I was bringing back to the dorm to the hotel TV and watched The Ugly Truth :) 

Anyways, bed time! Tomorrow will be full of driving, unpacking, showering, getting ready for spring recruitment, going to class, going to spring recruitment. Yay for having new baby DG’s at the end of the week! :) I’m so excited to have new sisters.