I made that DG shirt swap group, and in just 30 minutes it more than doubled from 103 members (it was 15 this morning) to 225 members now!

Delta Gamma sisters from all over have joined the group and it’s really going to be cool!

I’m amazed at how fast it’s growing. I guess us sorority girls love our t-shirts, right? ;)

Delta Gamma Shirt Swap Facebook Group!

It’s a place for DG’s from all over to connect and swap shirts and other DG items! Go request to be added to it! :)

Hey DGs!

I made that shirt swap group! It’s a private group, but anyone can add members once they are added. So just request to be added and I will add you and then you can add sisters from your chapter or whatever! :) 

Also, I’ve decided that if you would like to buy a crest canvas (I posted a picture a while back,, shoot me a message here on tumblr. It’ll be $25, and that does include shipping. I can paint the canvas whatever color you like and do the crest in either white, gold, black, or silver. :) If you want to get one you can just message me and I’ll invoice you on paypal. This would help me so much, everything I make is going to go to paying my dues for DG, because even though I will be able to get a car soon, it won’t be in enough time for me to have a job before dues are due. :/ help a sister out! haha.

okay enough shameless plugging of myself here, go add yourself to the shirt swap group! :)


I want to shirt swap with everyone. You can never have too many DG shirts!

So here’s my idea. I’m going to make a Facebook group. I saw one that a bunch of DZ’s made, and thought it was a really cool idea. You just join the group, and then post a picture of the shirt/shirts you want to swap, with the size they are! Then other DG’s can comment on it if they want to swap with you and send you pictures of shirts they have. 

You can invite sisters from your chapter and stuff too, so that the group will grow!

I just think it’d be really cool to do and also a good way to make friends with sisters you probably wouldn’t meet otherwise! :) 

Reblog this if you are interested in doing this, and if I see that enough of you want to do it I’ll make the group! :)

UPDATE: Group has been made and it’s really popular! If you haven’t already, go join!

Shirts that I am willing to swap! Sisters, let me know if you want to trade! 

These are both size small. I wear a medium though! so I’m looking to trade :)

you can photo reply to this to show me a shirt you’d be willing to swap or just message me about it!